Education Matters

I believe that education is central to our success as a community. My parents were both public school teachers. I know in my bones that our success as a community, economically and socially, is rooted in how we teach and how we learn.

Workforce development is the key to attracting and keeping high-quality businesses here in Tucson. Please check out our Ideas page to learn more about how we can leverage our university, community college, public schools and tech schools to improve life for Tucson families.  

Keeping the Public Safe

The Tucson Police Department works hard to keep us safe. As Mayor, I will work to get more commissioned officers on the streets to reduce response times and strengthen our neighborhoods. It is important that our officers and fire fighters have the support of the people, and that they work to serve all of us—including immigrant and refugee communities—and don’t seek to divide us. 

I believe in finding ways to divert nonviolent offenders from jail to addiction treatment, education and jobs, which will help to increase public safety and contribute to our economy. I will also share ideas about how we can work together to improve Tucson’s public health. 

Growing Our Economy and Creating Jobs

Most people work really hard to make ends meet and still come up short.  Fundamentally, this fact defines the experience of most Americans. I want to be Mayor to help change that. That means growing our economy, and it also means making sure that our prosperity is shared more widely.  

Over the next few months, I will be sharing my ideas to address our most important community challenges – like climate change, poverty, healthcare, and water. These ideas are all being designed to improve our economy. 

Protecting Our Environment and Making Tucson Sustainable

Our Sonoran Desert is majestic and stunningly beautiful. It’s the most diverse desert ecosystem in North America.  Mystical, desolate and simultaneously teeming with life, it must be protected for future generations. And I mean future generations of human beings, alongside Gila monsters, cactus wrens and javelinas.

To protect our unique and fragile environment, we need to fight climate change. That means reducing fossil fuel use throughout the community and transitioning to our most abundant natural resource, solar energy. We also must protect our water supply by assuring new development includes large scale water harvesting, effluent, and conservation. And I will work closely with regional and state partners to protect Lake Mead.

Creating Affordable Housing

Too many seniors on fixed incomes and younger families in poverty are struggling to afford to stay in their homes. Too many people still live on the streets, unable to find stable housing as a foundation to rebuild their lives.

As Mayor I will seek creative and collaborative solutions being put into place both here and elsewhere that can be rolled out and expanded to help increase affordable housing and reduce homelessness, offering ladders of opportunity for a decent life for all our residents and revitalizing neighborhoods. 

Expanding Public Transportation and Fixing Our Roads

Much of our quality of life is determined by the quality of our transportation system. It sounds easy, but it’s more than just filling the potholes. We’ve got to make progress on street maintenance, new sidewalks and bikeways, and complete streets, and we need to add more public transit options. 

If we do transportation the right way, we can create new jobs in construction and new corporate headquarters while protecting neighborhoods, to unlock a vibrant new economic climate that encourages entrepreneurs to grow new businesses here.


The most important value of government in the 21st Century is cooperation.  

As Mayor, I will work closely with neighborhoods, businesses, nonprofits, and other government officials and agencies––regardless of party orientation. That’s the only way to ensure efficient government and mutual benefit for the entire community. Whether we’re talking about water, climate change, jobs, prison reform, transportation, public safety, or education, folks want grownups in the room working together to solve problems, not finger-pointers or ideological warriors.